About Our Firm

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a few words about us

Angelone Law Offices was established in 2009, dedicated to representing both employees and employers in workplace law. Licensed to practice in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, the firm concentrates on wrongful termination, retaliation, harassment, whistleblower, wages and hours, and overtime for employoees, and risk management and conflict mitigation for employers.

The firm’s caseload over the past six years has resulted in hundreds of successfully resolved cases. Negotiated settlements and going to trial are both pursued as avenues to compensation. Our philosophy is based on a firm belief in an individual’s civil rights, a company owner’s right to the American Dream through operating a profitable business, and a passion for justice.

We demonstrate our commitment to our clients by responding quickly to questions and concerns. Myriad statutes and regulations make up state and federal employment law, and it is our pleasure to thoroughly explain your rights and the status of your pending case, at any point in the process.

Educating clients and frequent communication are hallmarks of Angelone Law Offices, and key to our exemplary reputation.

Angelone Law Offices is pleased to accept employment case referrals from other attorneys.


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what we offer

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Years of experience focused solely on employment law makes Angelone Law the best choice for understanding the nuances and details of your case.

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Commitment to client service

If you’ve read our testimonials, you’ll see that Angelone Law listens carefully, prepares cases with precision, and responds quickly to your questions and concerns.

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Free Case Evaluation

It can be difficult to know whether you have a case. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to speak with you by phone or meet with you in person to guide you through the process of defining whether a workplace abuse has occurred.
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